Common Issues – St. George Heating and Air

Common Issues – St. George Heating and Air

What is that odd sound? Is the thermostat working properly? Why does it feel cooler in this room but warm in other rooms? These are some of the common issues many St. George homeowners encounter with their HVAC system. Many issues are only caught when problems begin to make the home uncomfortable. Here are some of the most common HVAC issues.

Not enough cold air

This is a common issue. The settings can be adjusted time and time again only to see no change in cold air output. This happens when the sensor malfunctions. A St. George heating and air technician can examine the wiring and verify that the sensor has been properly installed.

Leaking issues

Leaks are also a problem that occurs with many customers. The leaks can be a result of low refrigerant levels or clogging. Since the reason for the leaking problem can vary, it may be necessary to have the St. George heating and air team troubleshoot the problem to determine the cause of the leak and fix it.

System starts, stops and starts again

The “on” and “off” thing is not to be taken lightly. The problem could mean that one or more of the critical components in the system are beginning to fail. If one item starts to fail, it’s only a matter of time before more systems start to break down. An HVAC professional should look at the electric control failures to determine which components need to be replaced.

System won’t start … at all

This could indicate a problem with the thermostat. Critical to the functioning of the A/C system is the thermostat. Both work together to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Having the thermostat checked and possibly replaced can make a world of difference. A St. George heating and air professional can save time by determining whether it needs to be fixed or simply replaced.

Heating and repair problems can be a nuisance for any household. Fixing these problems earlier on can reduce expenses. With regular maintenance, homeowners enjoy a comfortable home year-round with maximum comfort. If you are a St. George homeowner, and would like to know how to guarantee consistent performance from your HVAC system, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.