Heating & Cooling in St. George, Utah

Heating & Cooling in St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah is a beautiful desert oasis that attracts all types of people for its warm climate. Very rarely does it get too cold here. That is why we love it here, not to mention the friendly people and close proximity to some amazing National Parks. With the heat comes a few challenges, but nothing a quality air conditioner can’t fix. Let’s dive into some of the types of air conditioners as well as some of the new technologies you may have seen.

An air conditioner does exactly that. It conditions the air. It makes you and your family comfortable in your home when the outdoor heat is too much. You may have seen some different types of air conditioners in the homes of loved ones or friends and are curious to know more about them. The two you most likely notice here in St. George, Utah is the central cooling unit and the window cooling unit.

Central Cooling Unit

That big bulky unit that sits outside (usually in the backyard or on the side of the house) is the air conditioner for a home that has centralized heating and cooling. That means that the home has ventilation that runs throughout the house and in most likely every room. The central cooling unit outside ties into that ventilation and cools the home throughout using that ventilation. A central cooling unit is efficient in that it is a single unit that cools every room in the home.

Window Cooling Unit

You have almost certainly seen window cooling units around in St. George, Utah. The window cooling unit sits in the window and blows cold air into a single room of the house. This is a great way to save a little money and cool a smaller space in your home. A downside to having a window cooling unit is that it sticks out the window and takes up window space. Most of these units are pretty cheap and can last quite a while if the proper maintenance is performed.

Air Conditioning Technologies

Over the years there have been a lot of improvements in air conditioning units. They have become more efficient at cooling your home and saving you money. Air conditioners are now sized to your home much more efficiently. There are all sorts of types of air conditioners nowadays that differ in size and technology to compliment the home you are cooling.

With improvements in the shape of the fan blade and the technology in the compressors, air conditioners are significantly quieter and less harmful to the environment. A new refrigerant is being used called R410A which is free of chlorine. Energy consumption of air conditioners has declined a great deal too. An old air conditioner would use around 6,000 watts per hour to cool an average sized home. Nowadays, with all the improvements, that same house can be cooled with under 2,000 watts per hour. Now that is cool!

If you are looking for a new air conditioner that suits your home, or you would like to know what your options are regarding your current air conditioner, give Alpine Temperature Control in St. George a call. We install and service air conditioners to keep your family cool in the Summer heat.