Homemade Air Conditioners

Homemade Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are a necessity in St. George, Utah because of how hot our Summers get. Some Do-It-Yourselfers have been making their own air conditioners in order to beat the heat. With a bit of household material and some tools, you can make one yourself. The only question is whether or not it can compare to a store bought air conditioner. Consumer Reports, in response to people making their own air conditioners, made their own homemade air conditioner and tested the results. Check out the video below or continue reading for more information.

Inside Consumer Reports

Inside Consumer Reports Air Conditioner Testing Division, they have built a couple different versions of a homemade air conditioner using easy to acquire materials. Some of the materials used are a bucket or styrofoam container, a tool to cut holes in either of the two, some PVC pipe or standard store bought plastic cups. And lastly, a small fan to move the air through the contraption that is filled with ice.

Not only did Consumer Reports create these two small homemade air conditioners, they put them to the test in the video mentioned above. Using multiple forms of ice for testing purposes, and a room filled with sensors, Consumer Reports began their experiments. The resulting temperatures in the room cooled with the homemade air conditioners were about 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the original temperatures and the room would only stay a few degrees cooler for about 30 or so minutes.

The results show that while creating your own homemade air conditioner can be a fun project, homemade air conditioners are not nearly as efficient as one you buy at the store and place in your window or connect to your home’s HVAC system.

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Check Out Consumer Reports Homemade Air Conditioner Test