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Best HVAC Contractor Services Company in St. George

Alpine Temperature Control is the leading provider of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation solutions for residential and commercial properties and property management in St. George.

For more than 40 years, we have been at the forefront of providing the best HVAC systems and best HVAC contractor services in St. George, Utah. We service, repair, maintain, remodel, and install all major makes and models of HVAC systems for heating and cooling equipment. We also provide free remodel and change-out bids, in addition to second opinion bids at no cost.

When you need air conditioning systems or heating services in St. George, you can count on Alpine Temperature Control to do the job right — the first time!

Proudly Serving HVAC Customers in St. George, UT

Residential HVAC

We partner with our residential customers to ensure they get good indoor air quality all the time. We understand how comfort and health impacts the way our customers live at home. That is why, our HVAC contractor specialists at Alpine Temperature Control provide the best HVAC contractor services to our residential customers. We make sure to provide the best air conditioning or heating solution all the time so they can enjoy comfortable living at its finest with our systems that use natural ventilation. We have heat pumps for those cold winter days and cool air for those hot summer days.

Commercial HVAC

Alpine Temperature Control has long understood the value of energy savings to commercial customers such as business owners and retailers. Our team is dedicated to provide services that will assist our small and large commercial customers. We help them maintain and manage their HVAC applications to minimize maintenance costs, reduce energy consumption, and stay compliant with legal requirements. Providing you with good air quality, cooling and heating.

Property Management HVAC

Energy savings and environmental impacts play an important role in the HVAC industry. That is why it is important for property management companies to develop and maintain buildings and properties that are environmentally sustainable over the long term. Alpine Temperature Control partners with property management companies to achieve this goal. Our HVAC contractor services will help reduce operation costs, improve HVAC performance, and create a comfortable and sustainable environment for tenants.

We provide HVAC systems, we do HVAC installation, we do HVAC maintenance and repair and with all that we also do HVAC remodeling. So if you’re looking for HVAC near me do not hesitate to call us for better indoor air quality.

St. George HVAC Contractors — Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Alpine Temperature Control is the leading HVAC company in St. George. We work hard to provide our customers with the best HVAC services. This includes everything from maintenance and repairs to complete installation. We love being part of this community and helping our neighbors when they need us. Here’s what our customers are saying about the HVAC contractor services we offer in St. George.

Client Testimonials

"Kent has serviced my heating and cooling system for over 20 years now. There is no one I trust more with our heating and cooling needs."
"Will always be eternally grateful for fixing my heater last year. The gentleman who fixed it did a wonderful job."
"If you ever have a problem with your A/C these are the guys to call. I had them give me a second opinion on changing out my A/C 10 years ago, and I have used them ever since. And I have referred all of my real estate clients to them as well."
"I have Alpine service my home every spring and fall to make sure my system is up and running without any problems. I think it is crucial to fix any problems even before they arrise. I have never had my Heating or Cooling go out when I needed them the most. I am a big believer in preventative maintenance. I have used Alpine for 8 years and will continue to do so. Thanks."
"Thank you for your company and your compassion on payments at the coldest 2013 winter we have ever experienced, will be forever appreciated."
"My A/C went out in the middle of the summer on a weekend. The 2 guys from Alpine came, diagnosed the problem and fixed it within minutes. For St. George summers a good reliable HVAC company is incredibly important. And this is my company of choice."
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Our HVAC Services

st. george HVAC repairWe offer the following HVAC services for residents of St. George and the surrounding areas.

Air Conditioning

If you want to enjoy a St. George summer, you are going to need a well-working A/C unit. Without one, you’ll not only be too hot, but you’ll be paying big energy bills too. Making that happen requires some routine maintenance such as changing filters, inspections, and the occasional repair.

Our team of experts provide maintenance, repair, remodel and installation services for all HVAC makes and models.


Even though we have mild winters here in St. George, you are going to need a dependable furnace to keep you warm on those cold nights. Maybe your furnace can’t maintain the temperature in your home. Or maybe it’s blowing cold are instead of warm. It might even quit working altogether. Whatever the case, we’ll be able to quickly diagnose the problem and get it taken care of.

Rest assured that we can handle any issue that might come up because our team has seen it all — from the issues to all the makes and models.

Choose Local

When you need air conditioning or heating services in St. George, it can be tough to sort through all of the options. You want an HVAC company that will give you quick and affordable service while treating your property as if it were their own.

We’ve been keeping Southern Utah comfortable since 1972. This is our home and we care about this community. You can count on Alpine Temperature Control to do the job right — the first time! You will find out exactly why we have the reputation of serving St. George with reliable and affordable service.

Call to schedule your appointment today and get those heating or cooling issues taken care of.

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