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St. George Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Alpine Temperature Control services all makes and models of heating and air conditioning units.


Maintaining a heating and/or air conditioning unit can mean money in your pocket. An unmaintained unit can cost an arm and a leg.  Alpine Temperature Control performs maintenance on all makes and models.  We also offer service agreements to make sure you don’t need to replace your unit earlier than needed.


Is your heating and/or air conditioning unit not providing the comfort it once was? Here at Alpine Temperature Control we specialize in keeping your current unit operating or repairing one that was damaged or is no longer working.


Adding or moving your HVAC system is a crucial part of a remodel.  Alpine Temperature Control can do a fresh install into a remodel or improve/move an existing HVAC system to make it more safe and efficient.


We at Alpine Temperature Control are here to make your new heating and air conditioning installation a breeze.  No matter the job we are happy to come out and install your new heating or air conditioning unit.

Property Management HVAC

Alpine Temperature Control specializes in services to property management companies. They strive to communicate with tenants and repair equipment quickly to take the burden off the property management companies. They also help to educate the tenants on equipment use and work with an accounting department to make sure all invoices are mailed the same week as the call.

Here is a quick guide for tenants to see if problems can be resolved on their own:

  1. Check the air filters
    – If they are dirty, replace immediately. Air filters should be replaced every 3 months.
  2. Check the breakers
    – If a breaker is tripped to the a/c, try resetting it, if it does not reset call us.
  3. Check the outdoor unit for ice
    – If there is ice found, turn the thermostat off and schedule an appointment for 4 hours later.
  4. Check the batteries in the thermostat
    – Batteries may be drained or leaking. This happens when they have been in the thermostat for too long.
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