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St. George Heating and Air Conditioning Services and HVAC Installation

Alpine Temperature Control excels in St. George heating and air conditioning services, catering to all makes and models. Our expertise extends beyond service to encompass seamless HVAC installations, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. Trust us for comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


Experience substantial savings with regular maintenance of your heating and/or air conditioning unit. Neglecting maintenance can result in significant costs. Alpine Temperature Control actively performs maintenance on all makes and models, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, our service agreements prevent premature unit replacements. Explore more about efficient St. George HVAC maintenance here.


Are you experiencing a decline in comfort with your heating and/or air conditioning unit? Alpine Temperature Control specializes in restoring peak efficiency or repairing damaged units. Address your HVAC repair questions by exploring our comprehensive HVAC repair FAQs. Trust us to actively maintain and repair your system for optimal performance and comfort.


Prior to embarking on your remodel project, connect with us to strategize your HVAC system integration. A pivotal aspect of a successful remodel, Alpine Temperature Control excels in fresh installations or enhancing/moving your existing HVAC system for enhanced safety and efficiency. Ensure a seamless transition by consulting with us for expert guidance and active involvement in your project.


Facilitate a seamless experience with Alpine Temperature Control for your new heating and air conditioning installation. Entrusting your St. George HVAC system to our professional installation ensures precision and minimizes future issues. Delve into the comprehensive services provided by our HVAC technicians to discover how we go beyond installation, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your system.

Property Management HVAC

Specializing in property management HVAC services, Alpine Temperature Control actively communicates with tenants and swiftly repairs equipment, alleviating the burden on property management companies. Our commitment extends to tenant education on equipment use. Additionally, we collaborate with the accounting department to ensure timely invoice processing. Empower tenants with a quick troubleshooting guide:

1. Check air filters: Replace dirty filters every 3 months.
2. Inspect breakers: Reset tripped breakers; if the issue persists, contact us.
3. Examine outdoor unit for ice: Turn off the thermostat and schedule an appointment after 4 hours.
4. Verify thermostat batteries: If drained or leaking, replace to ensure optimal functioning.

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