Why Is My Air Conditioner Loud

Why Is My Air Conditioner Loud

Is your air conditioner loud? Most air conditioners are noisy because they are large machines with many parts that are working to produce cool air for your home. If you are noticing your air conditioner becoming louder it could be a signal that there is an issue that could be getting worse. Let’s cover some of the common sounds and what might be causing them.

Common Air Conditioner Sounds and Causes

Every air conditioner out there makes noise when it is running. The older the air conditioner the louder it may be. Newer air conditioners have been designed better to reduce noise. If you have an older unit, the sounds you are hearing are more than likely because of how old it is.

Some parts of your air conditioner are louder than others and they may seem louder than usual. If so, an HVAC professional can help you with options to quiet your air conditioner. Some of these options include sound blankets and a few other noise-reducing items. A maintenance inspection would not hurt either, as over time your air conditioner can get noisier due to dirty fan blades or parts that require lubrication.

If the noise concerns you, make sure to power off your air conditioner to avoid possible damage. The next thing to do is to call an HVAC professional to take a look and fix the issue safely. Some of the common sounds you may hear are as follows:

  • Rattling – A rattling noise may indicate that something has fallen into the vents. Things like outdoor debris are most common but the rattling noise could also be loose fasteners like bolts or screws.
  • Grinding – A grinding sound is most likely one of the fan motors. It may indicate a worn out bearing in the fan motor.
  • Popping – A popping sound is usually the ductwork. This is not a direct issue with your air conditioner but rather an issue with ductwork. As ductwork ages, it too requires maintenance.
  • Hissing – Another ductwork issue can be indicated by a hissing sound, but if the hissing sound is coming from your air conditioning unit it can be a refrigerant leak. If the hissing sound is coming from your air conditioner unit, it is important to call an HVAC professional to fix it.

Loud Noise Prevention

First, and foremost, you should always make sure that regular maintenance is performed. Changing the filter is something that needs to be done and can be done by the homeowner. Air conditioner filters should be changed based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Filters will become clogged. Sometimes they clog before the recommended interval. This depends on the factors in the home. You should check the filter regularly to avoid a clogged or dirty filter.

The second way to prevent loud air conditioner noises is to have a regular inspection. Annual tune-ups performed by a professional will help extend the life of your air conditioner significantly.

Alpine Temperature Control in St. George, Utah is a licensed HVAC professional. We perform regular maintenance on residential and commercial HVAC system. Give us a call if it is time to schedule your regular inspection or if you need a repair done.