Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Troubles

Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Troubles

The temperature starts to rise so you venture into the deepest darkest corners of your garage and dust off your air conditioners. It is time to condition the air in your home. The issue is that your air conditioner may not be running at peak performance and the refreshing cool breeze you were so looking forward to is not up to expectations. Your air conditioner needs a bit of maintenance. The following is a list of everything you can check at home to improve the quality of your home’s conditioned air.

Let the Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Begin

  1. The Filter Again – Yes, that pesky filter needs to be changed approximately every 6 months. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the filter more frequently as a precautionary measure. Let the filter check be the first thing you do.
  2. Cold AND Warm Air? – Check the seal between the air conditioner and the window. You may have a leaky seal. Weather stripping ought to help do the trick.
  3. A Hot Device – That air conditioner thermostat is sensitive so make sure to avoid watching Netflix too close. Your TV can put out some heat (newer television sets tend to produce less heat). A lamp or other device that creates heat will also cause your air conditioner to run longer than desired.
  4. Check Under the Dog Bed – If your air conditioner is tied into your central heating unit and runs through the existing ventilation in your house, then make sure that the floor/wall registers are not covered or filled with dust and debris. Also, make sure the dog bed is not on top of one.
  5. I Know, I Know, It is Plugged In – Check the settings! If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure that the settings reflect what it is you want. Also, raise the temperature a bit when you are not home to save money on the bill. On average, every degree you raise saves you 3% on your air conditioning costs (this tends to apply more towards central air conditioners).
  6. Sunlight Is So Nice…In the Winter – When the sun enters your home it begins to heat things up. If you have would like to cool a room down, your best bet is to lower the blinds/shades and then turn the air conditioner on. Air conditioners are much more efficient when it is dark.
  7. Talk About Space – That outdoor compressor unit for your air conditioner needs space. Those plants, patio furniture, and barbeque grill really hog up space. Keeping your air conditioner clear and free of stuff will allow for proper airflow. It is also a good idea to have at least 5 feet above the air compressor unit free of trees or bushes. Let’s keep that air flowing.
  8. You Visit the Doctor, Right? – Annual inspection of your HVAC system is very important to keep everything running efficiently for a long time. A licensed professional like Alpine Temperature Control in St. George, Utah knows exactly how to keep your air conditioner healthy.


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