HVAC systems are a big deal no matter where you are, but for those of us in St. George, they are extremely vital for comfortable living. Most people know that they want and need a properly working heating and-or cooling system, but not much more about it.

So, if you have HVAC repair or other general questions — we have answers. Here are some of the most common questions we get about St. George HVAC repair and other general questions.

What is the right size of HVAC system for my home?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the right HVAC system for your home. They include:

  • The height of your ceilings
  • The size and energy efficiency of your windows
  • Square footage of your home
  • Floor plan design
  • and quite a few more.

Having a professionally conducted HVAC calculation on your home will have a large benefit for the future. We recommend taking the time to make the best HVAC decision for your home.

How often should I check/change my air filter?

An air filter should be changed every three months, but it is also a great idea to check your filter monthly. This is especially important during the months that your system gets the most use. If you have disposable filters that are dirty, you can try to clean it, but your HVAC system will be better off with a replacement.

I cannot feel any air, what is the problem?

There are a couple of reasons this may be happening. It could be that you have dirty air filters or your unit may be low on Freon. Another reason this happens is because the blower motor may have stopped working. At some point, the motor may just burn out from its age and the amount of use it gets. Other HVAC issues tend to put extra wear-and-tear on this motor while things like dust or other debris on the fan blades cause also cause problems for the motor. When this happens you will need HVAC repair.

How often does my system need to be serviced?

All types of HVAC equipment should have an inspection and cleaning annually. Ideally, you should have your heating system checked before you begin using it in the winter and your air conditioning checked before you begin using it for the summer.

What is the best level of humidity for your home?

The best range of indoor humidity is about 35-50 percent. 40-45 percent works the best for a large number of homes. Any higher and you can start to see condensation on windows as well as mold and allergens that can cause respiratory issues.

Should I close off the areas of the home that I do not use often?

We do not recommend doing this. It will hinder your HVAC system’s efficiency and the airflow. Each system is designed to warm or cool a certain amount of square feet in your home. Disrupting the airflow will make it work extra hard to send air to other parts of the home.

Do I save money by turning my unit off and on every day?

Not typically. Setting your thermostat at a constant temperature will reduce run time and result in your unit not having to work as hard. Not only does this probably not save you any money, but turning in on and off every day means that it will be working harder and likely need HVAC repair more often or replacement sooner.

How do I know my A/C unit is efficient?

After having us service your A/C system we can inform you of how well your system is operating and provide solutions to make it more efficient. If you have any questions on upgrading your system we offer free estimates and will suggest rebates that may be available.

There’s More

If you have a question that isn’t here, check out our FAQ page for even more answers to common questions. And of course, you can always give Alpine Temperature Control a call to learn more about what we can do to help your HVAC system run at its optimum capacity. We service, repair, maintain, remodel and install ALL major makes and models of HVAC equipment. We also provide free remodel and change-out bids in addition to second opinion bids at no cost.