St. George HVAC: Summertime Tips

St. George HVAC: Summertime Tips

In St. George HVAC is extremely important. Especially during the intense summer heat. Air conditioning units in the St. George area work hard to keep you cool and comfortable. In return, your system needs some maintenance to keep doing its job properly. The end of the summer is a great time to do this for your air conditioning. This will go a long way towards making sure you are good to go when the heat comes back next spring.

Chances are that you just need to do some routine maintenance, but if you discover that there is a repair or replacement needed, you can have it taken care of long before you need to start running that air conditioner again. So here are some tips for St. George HVAC at the end of the summer.

St. George HVAC To-Do List

  • Clean the coils: Over the course of the summer, the coils in your air conditioning unit can get dirty. The same goes for your condensate line. If this happens you may start to have issues with your system. To avoid this you can use a broom to brush off the coils or even hose them off with water. However, it is highly recommended to have this job done by a professional — annually at the least. Our technicians know how to properly remove the casing and get everything cleaned as it should be.
  • Block the sun: A trick you can do to help your air conditioning system is to use your windows and blinds to keep the heat from the sun. This will help keep the temperature in your home from getting as high and reduce the energy your air conditioner will have to use to cool your home.
  • New air filter: You should be checking your air filter on a monthly basis. Replace your filters a couple of times every year. The end of the summer is a great time to have this done — before you forget. You don’t want to start out the next summer with a filter that is full of junk from months ago. This is an inexpensive and easy way to help the efficiency of your air conditioner. For more information on your specific model, you’ll want to check your owner’s manual. Follow the instructions.
  • Clear the debris: Do a quick inspection of the area around your air conditioner. If there are weeds, bushes, or anything else that is growing into (or potentially growing into) the personal space of your unit, then get that area cleaned out. This includes sweeping dirt and leaves away.
  • Fans can help: Here’s another way you can limit the energy your air conditioner will use. A ceiling fan can make about four degrees of difference in the temperature that you feel at home.
  • Soundcheck: There are plenty of situations where you will not be able to easily see anything that is off with your St. George HVAC system (although you should still be doing a visual inspection). However, in many of those instances, you may be able to hear something that doesn’t sound quite right. Any strange sounds or rattling noises are a sign that it might be time to have a professional take a look.
  • Tune-up your furnace: Since you are doing some end of the season maintenance of your air conditioning unit, why not go ahead and get your furnace prepared for the winter at the same time. This way you will be ready for winter and have no worries because both parts of your system will be in great shape.

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Performing these tasks at the end of the summer will do wonders for your St. George HVAC. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your air conditioner is ready to keep you comfortable when the time comes. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us for a complete cooling system inspection. Having a professional perform these maintenance tasks will go a long way towards reducing the need for any St. George HVAC repair.