St. George Utah HVAC

St. George Utah HVAC

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Maintaining comfortable temperatures is one purpose of St. George Utah HVAC systems. Another is providing good quality, clean air to residences, commercial buildings, and vehicles. Modern systems are usually integrated into a single system for homes and several systems for larger buildings.

HVAC technicians are mechanics and installers of heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Alpine Temperature Control’s technicians provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair for all of your HVAC needs. We provide solutions for any heating and cooling problems. It doesn’t matter if your needs are for a smaller home or a large business. You can have confidence in our service!

Quick Guide For Homeowners

Homeowners can use this guide to see if issues can be resolved without the aid of a technician.

  1. Check the air filters.
    – If they are dirty, replace them immediately. Replace air filters every three months.
  2. Check the breakers.
    – If a breaker is tripped to the a/c, try resetting it. If it does not reset call us.
  3. Check the outdoor unit for ice.
    – If there is ice found, turn the thermostat off and schedule an appointment for 4 hours later.
  4. Check the batteries in the thermostat.
    – Batteries may be drained or leaking. This happens when they have been in the thermostat for too long.

When you need a heating, ventilation, and cooling problem professionally taken care of, we are here for you. We provide professional service for your St. George HVAC needs. Here are some of our highlights.

  • We service all makes and models.
  • We specialize in two things. Keeping your current unit operating and repairing one that isn’t working properly.
  • Alpine Temperature Control can do a fresh install into a remodel. Or we will improve/move an existing HVAC system to make it more safe and efficient.
  • We are here to make your new heating and air conditioning installation a breeze. No matter the job we are happy to come out and install your new heating or air conditioning unit.
  • Alpine Temperature Control specializes in services to property management companies.

When you need maintenance, repair, or installation of your St. George HVAC call for friendly and professional help at Alpine Temperature Control.